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Bass Guitar Lessons in Australia

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Today's Fresh Bass Guitar Lessons


Address: 25 Weeroona Ave, Hamlyn Heights, VIC, 3215

Phone number: 0410 456 930



Address: 3 Begonia Cl, Yangebup, WA, 6164

Phone number: 0438 382 048



Address:By Appointment, Runcorn, QLD, 4113

Phone number: (07) 33443468

Learn to play your favourite songs and express your creativity with a teacher who wants to see you succeed. 


Address: 824 Edgars Rd, Epping, VIC, 3076

Phone number: (04) 18172506

$25 Private Lessons. Give us a call 0418172506 Singing, Violin, Cello, Drum Kit, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Piano & Keyboard 


Address:By Appointment, Blaxland, NSW, 2774

Phone number: 0414 663 060

Guitar lessons. Acouctic, Electric and Bass Guitar. Beginners to Advanced. Rhythym and Lead (solo) guitar. 

About This Category

Learning to play the bass guitar is a unique experience among stringed instruments. Traditionally instruments of this type such as the guitar are played with a pick over the strings to strum and pluck them. Though this can be done with a bass guitar often times the strings are played with the fingers directly strumming and plucking them. Both techniques should be learned in order to have a well round skill set needing in achieving different types of sound.

The bass guitar provides a platform for other instruments to find beat and harmony through, mainly as a reference point in creating harmony. An accomplished bassist will come to understand Fretting and Plucking as the two primary focal points of playing the bass guitar.

Lessons should focus on the proper way to hold the guitar in order to achieve the most desirable result from the instrument. The positioning of the instrument will depend on age and size of the individual. Being able to properly apply pressure evenly across the fret board will play a large part in achieving the quality and type of sound desired from the instrument.

Learning to coordinate fretting and plucking takes time and one should be prepared to experience moments of frustration, though if practiced frequently results are inevitable. Beginners should initially practice daily and form a routine practice schedule. Routinely playing the instrument, even if one is only exploring differing sounds at random, will give any new student to the bass guitar an advantage in mastering this instrument.

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