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Flying Schools in Australia

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Address:By Appointment, Perth, WA, 6000

Phone number: (08) 97254145

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About This Category

Flight training is mandatory for piloting an aircraft. Flight schools offer courses of study that teach the skills necessary to fly. Flying schools offer courses in both theoretical learning and practical exercises. Theoretical learning occurs on the ground, with specialized training aircraft used to simulate real flights. These simulated flights give the feeling of controlling a real aircraft, but is much safer and can be done at a lower cost than actual flying.

Flying schools generally require at least 40 hours of training for private pilots. There are specific flying schools that one can attend to become a pilot. These schools usually take about one to two years to fully complete training. Some universities also offer aviation degrees. These degrees take four years to complete. The military offers flying schools to train pilots as well.

Flying schools greatly enforce the necessity of safe flying. Therefore, pilots must learn about flight regulations, meteorology, navigation, flight instruments, and even medical care. Once pilots complete their training, they must take exams to show that they are ready to fly. These exams cover concepts such as maximum air speed, fuel capacity, engine operation, and emergency procedures.

Pilots must also update their license to allow them to fly different types of aircrafts. This process is known as endorsement. Throughout endorsement training, pilots learn about the different aircraft and cockpits. They must also fly the aircraft during this process. Piloting an aircraft can be exhilarating. However, much training must be completed before students can begin to fly the friendly skies.

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