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Psychic Awareness in Australia

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About This Category

Psychic awareness is referred to as a sixth sense or ESP (Extra Sensory Perception.) People who claim psychic awareness include abilities from hints of intuition, astrology readings and practical awareness for daily living to seeing the future, locating people, and talking with the dead. Getting in touch with ourselves, the people around us, and our surroundings can lead to gathering information that allows us to reach conclusions we might think of as psychic. Most people can do this. Then there are those feelings that something is about to happen or someone in particular is about to call us that seem less explainable.

Some people might see visions while others get feelings. Many people ignore their own feelings or visions because they are unexplainable or they fear them. Other people pursue the development of their awareness. They practice mediation to enhance their psychic awareness or take steps that might help such as guessing who is calling them when the phone rings, recording their dreams, and journaling the events in their lives. Others mold their environment in the hopes of obtaining psychic powers. This can include certain music, plants and flowers, and lighting control.

Most scientists have set out to disprove psychic powers. Yet many have substantiated evidence in controlled environments of telepathic ability. Reportedly at Cornell University scientists performing controlled experiments concluded that telepathy is an existent human skill.

While authorities have used psychics to help them locate missing people or solve crimes, there is no record available on how many of these acts have resulted in success.

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