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Address: Unit 1, 169 George St, Parramatta, NSW, 2150

Phone number: (02) 96357159

Ayurveda Sydney. Ayurclinic the most trusted Ayurveda treatment center in Sydney. Ayurvedic clinic in Sydney. 

About This Category

Originated in India this is a type of holistic traditional medicine, also known as alternative medicine. Providing the body with necessary nutrients needed for healthy living by implementing the use of herbs. And the importance of the 5 elements air, water, fire, earth and ether are incorporated as well.

Vegetables are often used as a form of drug, likewise are animal fats both externally and internally. Minerals are added to herbs to create medicine, in India this is known as Rasa Shastra. Sometimes alcohol is used as a sedation technique during operations. Opium too is used as a narcotic, and found its way into Ayurveda via Islam.

This type of holistic medical approach to health also utilizes massage and yoga. Oils are often used during massage treatment and also for a variety of other things. For example oil is used to stop bleeding, consumption, and to treat some infections.

Another part of Ayurveda focuses closely upon one staying positive, and fostering positive emotions as a part of living a healthy lifestyle. To achieve a mind body harmony one can apply the techniques of Transcendental Meditation to help in quieting one’s mind. This method of relaxation is another tool used by those who prescribe to the Ayurveda approach to living a healthy life.

The combination of making healthy choices in ones diet, eating natural foods from the earth, and proper mental emotional positive states of mind are what make Ayurveda unique. Practitioners look for a balance within and also a balance in our relationship with nature.

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