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Spinning and Weaving Tuition in Australia

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Address: 100 Villa St, Annerley, QLD, 4103

Phone number: (07) 33927008



Address: 12-20 Shakespeare St, Carlton North, VIC, 3054

Phone number: (03) 93473008



Address: 12 Payne St, Auchenflower, QLD, 4066

Phone number: (07) 33710009



Address: 196 South Rd, Mile End, SA, 5031

Phone number: (08) 83524843


About This Category

Learning to spin and weave properly requires very specific training. Traditionally one would learn to hand spin on a drop spindle, also known as a wheel. There are many uses for this type of work and training is something one should seriously consider prior to taking up this art form. Finding adequate training should not be that difficult, though understanding the cost involved in this type of education is a bit more of a serious issue.

Depending upon what level one is wishing to perform at in spinning and weaving, the costs can rise significantly. Traditionally one can become quite proficient at weaving with only a couple of hours per week of training. This type of training can cost a student somewhere around $100 per week for required classes and materials. The materials used will probably be the most expensive item one will incur in terms of tuition. This though is generally speaking not uncommon in any type of arts training. The most pressing issue with this type of training is finding someone that is proficient enough at spinning and weaving to offer quality training that matches the costs.

Tuition from a qualified school, depending upon region and objectives of the student, can be quite high. And thus one will want to fully explore what it that one wants to gain from taking classes in spinning and weaving. If one is only wanting a fun hobby and a few one-on-one classes should suffice, but if one wants to work professionally then the costs of training will go up and one will need to seek out a training program that is much more intensive.

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