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Sculpture in Australia

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Today's Fresh Sculpture


Address: 263 Marsden Rd, Carlingford, NSW, 2118

Phone number: (02) 88458888



Address: 176 Fitzgerald St, Perth, WA, 6000

Phone number: 0432 978 733



Address:By Appointment, Huonbrook, NSW, 2482

Phone number: (02) 66840347

Professional public art sculptor teaching sculpture techniques to all level artists. Workshops are held regularly. 


Address: 1 Gunsynd St, Russell Island, QLD, 4184

Phone number: (07) 34091834



Address: Level 1 45 Hunter Street,, Hornsby, NSW, 2077

Phone number: (02) 9482 1189



Address: Unit 11, 9 Powells Rd, Brookvale, NSW, 2100

Phone number: (02) 99050264


About This Category

This craft of manipulating various materials is known as one of the plastic arts. Sculpture is a very unique art of creating three dimensional pieces of art. There many materials used in sculpting such as wood, metal, plastic, stone, and a number of others. Sculpture can take the form of statues, architectural shapes, fountains, reliefs and many others, all created to withstand the elements. To create a sculpture that is going to last a very long time the materials used must be of high quality.

Most of the materials used in sculpture are not easily manipulated and require a great deal of skill and technique to work with. Using a large block of limestone and creating a highly detailed statue, such as the ancient Egyptians did, that can last thousands of years requires the use of specialized tools. Having the correct tools for the material being manipulated is of the greatest importance.

There are also sculptures that are not meant to last for long periods of time. These types of sculpture can be created from food materials such as chocolate, and even some non-food materials like soap. One can even consider small plastic toy action figures to be sculpted works of art. Sculpture is one of the broader forms of art work, and due to this has become embedded deeply in society. The importance of sculpture in daily life suddenly can become apparent once one begins to understand that even a drinking water fountain is a sculpted art from created by manipulating various materials. Sculpting will only continue to evolve and grow as one of the most celebrated art forms.

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