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Small Business Management in Australia

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Address: Vowels Cres, Canberra Institute of Technology, Bruce Campus, Bldg J, Bruce, ACT, 2617

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Address: 420 Victoria St, Brunswick, VIC, 3056

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Address: Suite 5, Ground Floor, 54 Marcus Clarke St, Phillips Fox Bldg, Canberra City, ACT, 2601

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About This Category

There are various criteria that are used in business size classification. It depends in part in which country one is referring to. In the United States a small business traditionally falls somewhere under one hundred employees and in Europe under fifty employees. However in Australia we generally consider a small business as having nineteen employees or less. Also one will need to consider the industry being examined and look closely at annual sales numbers, the types of assets a company has and their value.

There are many benefits to operating a small business such as freedom, along with this freedom does come more risks as opposed to working for an employer. The potential successfulness of a small business routinely lies within marketing and advertising. There are many new avenues for a small business in these respects due to the internet boom. The cost of advertising in the past on television or in print has been quite high, but advertising is much more affordable for small business owners using the internet.

Due to the size of a small business there are certain risks that can potentially wreck an entire business. The high costs of health care is one major issue and also the costs involved in risk management, items such as works compensation due to injury on the job. All these types of insurance premiums tend to be much higher for a small business. In some countries the government does not make it so easy for one to acquire a small business license due to the volume of risk involved. Although one should not be discouraged by these types of issues, but rather be aware of them and pay close attention to the financial impact they are having on ones business.

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