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Publishing in Australia

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Publishing involves the process of taking a book to press and then to market, creating and printing a newspaper or magazine, or creating and posting original content to the web.

Book publishers are often involved in the entire process of book creation and marketing. Before the Internet, few people self published their works. Writers would submit their manuscripts to publishers and the publishers would sift through hundreds or thousands of manuscripts monthly to choose one worthy of publishing. Because of the cost or creating a printed book and getting it to the market, only cream of the crop books were selected. Printing costs were high as a minimum order of 3,000 to 5,000 books was common to be cost effective.

The book publisher will sometimes warehouse and distribute the books, take returns, collect revenue, and pay the author. In some cases the publisher will provide some marketing for the book. The publisher usually distributes the books to a book trader, who delivers the books to the stores. Book stores like to work with book distribution traders so they can cut one check every month for their purchases rather than hundreds of checks to individual publishers.

Nowadays with the availability of digitized books or eBooks, most anyone can publish their own work. EBooks come in a variety of file formats. A common file format is a pdf file. In addition there are numerous print-on-demand companies that will print books to order one at a time.

Formally publishing a book requires an ISBN number and copyright filing.

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