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Project Management in Australia

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Since 2004 Succession Plus is helping SME business owners in design and implement a succession and exit strategy. 


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New World Business Solutions team of supply chain consultants has been delivering supply chain project outcomes 

About This Category

Project management involves planning a project, establishing parameters and time lines for individuals and processes, delegating tasks, and managing people or a team. Successful project managers use many leadership fundamentals such as vision, passion, persuasion, communication, motivation, and the ability to unify a team.

A team must have a clear understanding of the project’s direction and goals. The vision is a description of a successful outcome of the project. A project manager must keep this vision in the minds of the team in order to keep anyone from swaying off course. A vision will unite the team, create a structure for problem solving, make measuring progress possible, and aid in conflict resolution.

Another element for project management is passion. A project manager must be passionate about the project in order to persuade and motivate a team.

A great project manager knows his or her performance is measure by the team’s performance. Projects are dependent on teams and each individual should be aware if their contribution to the team and be valued as a part of the team.

A workflow management system should be developed and each member of the team should know how their contribution affects other team members and the overall progress of the project. A project manager oversees the progress of each team member and the project as a whole.

A decision making process should be developed to consistently evaluate what needs to be done, what supplies or tools are needed and when they will be available, the relevancy of tasks, and for project delays. A decision making process that involves the team will empower the members and give them more knowledge to offer project management input.

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