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Investing in Australia

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Investing is the practice of committing a resource such as money or capital with the expectation of bigger future returns. Although there are many kinds of investments a person can make, the two most common are real estate and financial. The most common types of financial investments include stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit (CDs), and mutual funds. Investments can be made directly by the investor himself, or through an intermediary such as a broker, bank, or retirement company. A person can invest in the stock market and actively manage his money by buying and selling stock, or rely on the judgment of a stock broker to manage his investments for him.

Real estate investments range from residential properties used as a primary residence to commercial properties that are rented out as office, retail, or warehouse space. Real estate investors can also purchase property to rent out to tenants and earn a rental income from the home. Real estate is traditional considered a “secure” form of investing because the property serves as collateral for the loan.

Investments can be passive or active, depending on the level of involvement of the investor. For example, the interest earned from investing funds in a money market or savings account is passive income. The investment will earn interest simply by remaining in the account; no other action on the part of the investor is required. Another passive investment would be the appreciation in value of real estate holdings. Active investments include buying and selling stocks in the stock market, or renting a real estate property to tenants to earn rental income.

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